Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekday Breakfast: Make it Portable

The perfect A.M. sustenance.
If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I am screwed. I never wake up early enough, so my body is lucky if it gets a handful of dry Cheerios on my way out the door. Breakfast bars would be a good option, but they're expensive.

And they're not a "balanced breakfast" either. For that, you need three different beverages, pancakes, eggs, cereal, fruit, bats, orangutans -- it's not going to happen for a college student on the go.

Bean and I stumbled on the solution: the Banana Oatmeal Cups from GreenLite Bites. We've been calling them Breakfast Bites, and they have revolutionized our breakfast experience. By which I mean, I now eat breakfast.

The great thing about Breakfast Bites is that they are tasty, and have all the components of a healthy oatmeal breakfast, but they're portable.

Meet oats, eggs, and milk.

Mushed up bananas,

The recipe seems pretty forgiving, too. We didn't have almond milk, so I just dumped in some brown sugar with the regular milk. Also, I totally forgot the baking soda until I'd already started dishing the batter into the cupcake pan. Then I had to scrape it all back into the bowl to stir in the baking soda. My residual Chem 101 knowledge tells me this should have been bad.

I sympathize.
But everything was still fine. Scrumptious even. A whole breakfast in one non-messy, portable "muffin."


E for Exceeds Expectations -- I was worried that these would be overly dense and bland, but, while weighty and subtly flavored, they are perfect for the kind of people who prefer oatmeal to Fruit Loops. As Bean said, "they don't taste strongly of any one thing, they just taste like breakfast."

They keep really well too. So you can make them on Sunday and hit snooze for the rest of the week with impunity because you have breakfast covered.

Also, they are best friends with Nutella. And any friend of Nutella's is a friend of mine.

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